With the Daily Readings, you can:

  • Read the daily Gospel, First Reading, or Second Reading, with all verses taken from the Holy Bible of your choice
  • Have a quick access to the daily readings anytime by simply clicking the Holy Bible Project taskbar icon 
  • Setup the software such that the Daily Readings is displayed right after your log on to your computer, or at any time of the day that you specify
  • View reading for a specific date, or move to Next Day, or to Previous Day reading
  • Show or hide the reading topic or day event
  • Show or hide the verse numbers in the verse narration
  • Select the display format from the built-in and user saved theme designs
  • Create and save your own theme design using your preferred font style, size, color, background color or background texture or background image
  • Copy the displayed reading and paste to a word processing or email software (such as Microsoft® Word or Notepad, or Outlook), which you can then print, distribute, fax or email to others
  • Save the selected reading in a Rich Text File, Microsoft® Word, or text file formats
  • Choose built-in window sizes and location; or toggle between standard window form style and auto fit style (Simple Flat Style)
  • Show or hide the main menu
  • Show or hide the tool bar buttons, which are short-cut commands of the commonly used menu items
  • Show or hide the status bar, which shows the bible reference, current date and other information
  • Define your own startup settings for automatic viewing time, startup bible reference, startup reading (with show verse numbers option), default form size and style, and startup theme design.  You can set these options by clicking on the Start Up Options in the Tools menu.

 Screen Display

 Program Features

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​The Daily Readings window displays the following:

  • Selected date in long date format
  • Reading topic or day event (if activated in the View Menu or Start Up Options)
  • Reading heading and verse list showing the book, chapter, and verse numbers
  • Narration, which may or may not include the verse numbers depending on your settings
  • Selected bible reference

The font, size, color, background color or background texture or image depends on your selected formatting or theme design.

The Daily Readings is a part of the Holy Bible Project, an application that is designed to promote daily access to the word of God.

The Daily Readings gives you access to a set of bible readings for each day of the year.  It includes the First Reading, Second Reading (depending on the day) and Gospel Reading, with verses taken from the bible of your choice.  The reading verse lists are based on the general norms for the liturgical year and the calendar of the Catholic Church. 

For Sundays and Solemnities of the Lord, each day has three readings: the First Reading is from the Old Testament, the Second Reading is from the New Testament (Epistles, Acts of the Apostles or Revelation, depending on the liturgical season) and the third is from the Gospels (books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament).  For Sundays, these readings are arranged according to a three-year cycle (Year A Matthew, Year B Mark, and Year C Luke).  Each cycle runs in accord with the liturgical year, that is, it begins with the first week of Advent, which falls in the preceding year of the civil calendar.

For weekdays, each day has two readings: the First Reading is from the Old Testament or from an apostle (from a letter or Revelation), or during the Easter season from Acts; and the second from the Gospels.  There is a yearly cycle for weekday readings during the season of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  For the thirty-four weeks of Ordinary Time, the Gospel Readings are arranged in a single cycle, repeated each year, while the First Reading is arranged in a two-year cycle, thus read every other year.

The Daily Readings in this version covers the complete liturgical years from 2015 to 2018.  This version does not include options for readings based on country specific celebrations (solemnities, feasts, and memorials) or national calendars.  Thus, on certain dates, the Holy Bible Project readings may not be the same as the assigned mass readings in some countries.